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Website Portfolio

We can create large or small websites for your business. View our portfolio of completed E-commerce, content managed and brochure style bespoke websites. We don't use templates and with Chris's programming skills we can make the website behave as you would like it to. Browse our website portfolio.


Domain Names & Hosting

The domain name is the bit after www. and should describe your business, hosting is the computer on the internet that holds the files of your website. We can manage both of these for you, see what we offer in more detail on the domain name and hosting page.


Website Design

All of our websites are designed individually. We can take inspiration from your current logo and branding, or help you create a whole new look. It really is up to you, but don't feel under pressure, we can help guide you through the options. Take a look at some of our website designs.


Website Maintenance & CMS

What is CMS? Well it is a Content Management System and it is basically a series of forms which allow you to edit the content of your website. If you don't think content editing is in your skill set or time frame then we can complete maintenance for you. Don't make your decision just yet though try our maintenance page.

Social Media & Email

Love it or hate it we all need to market our businesses and Social Media is one of the tools out there. We can help advise which sites may be best for you, how to create campaigns or help you set up your business pages. Email marketing is also a good tool to keep in touch with your customers, there are various solutions which we can look at with you.


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Our sites are always built with search engines in mind. We will help you think about the keywords which you will need to help your website get noticed. We can keep an eye on your progress and offer help and advice should you choose to place Google Ads to boost your site. Anyway we have more to say on SEO if you'd care to read...

Website development process

Here is a brief outline of the different stages your project may take with us:

  1. Discuss your requirements - We discuss developing a new website or maintaining or upgrading your existing site.
  2. Hosting and domain names - We provide you with options and advice for new domain names and hosting.
  3. Gather material - We collect any existing literature or other material you may have. We can also create new logos or graphics for you or liaise with other designers and copy writers.
  4. Design your site - Taking into consideration your preferences and a profile of your customers we will produce several design ideas. As you compare and comment on these designs we will flesh them out and rework them until you are happy.
  5. Develop your site - Using robust and standards-compliant programming your site will be brought to life ready for content.
  6. Add content - We fill your site with the text, images, products and other material you have chosen always advising and making sure your content will help you on Search Engines.
  7. Search Engines - Once your website is completed and you have been submitted to search engines, work can be continued to optimise your search engine rankings.


We are happy to maintain and update any website we have developed. Furthermore we would be delighted to take over the hosting, maintenance or redesign of your existing website.

Website Development and Maintenance Costs

For website development we will generally give you a fixed price quote.  We can also quote for and sizeable piece of work.  All unquoted work is charged at our standard hourly rate.  We have an annual fee for hosting.  We charge domain names at cost. Contact us to talk about quoting for your website.