Domain name registration and web hosting

To get your website onto the Internet you need to choose somewhere to host it. You also require a domain name. Getting the right domain name and hosting is important but should not cause you concern - we can assist you with choosing both.


There are thousands of companies willing to host your website, each with a bewildering range of services. Provided your web site's needs are modest, the cost of hosting it is low. We are resellers for TSOHOST.

We can host your site on TSOHOST professionally managed, low cost servers. We know their servers well and can develop for them efficiently. Your site will be held in a secure and reliable datacentre in Maidenhead.  It will be hosted on several computers at once so that the failure of any one machine will not impact your website.  It will be possible for your site to fail but only if the entire datacentre is affected.

Unless you have specific requirements we will always develop your site for reliable Linux hosting. We can develop for Windows servers if you need them.

Domain names

Your domain name is the name of your website, for example Generally it will be the name of your organisation with .com, .org, or added to the end. Each domain names points to one website, if someone is already using the name you want, you will have to choose another name. We can help you find a domain name that is available.

Your domain name points to your website, when someone goes to in their browser they will see this website. More accurately, the domain name points to the hosting we have chosen for our website. For this reason, if you do not already have a domain name, we recommend you choose your hosting and then use that company to buy your domain name. If you contact us we can organise the whole thing for you.

Contact Us

If you are confused about what hosting is, how domain names work or anything else we will be happy to talk about these subjects with you. Contact us and we can explain what is available and discuss your options.